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Discover the Simple 3-Step Formula That Took a Former Public School Teacher from Struggling Network Marketer to Top Earner
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If you want to stop chasing family members and friends ... If you want to stop wasting your time speaking to unqualified prospects and If you want to PERMANENTLY END REJECTION, then I urge you to stop whatever else you're doing and study every word on this page as your business depends on it.

Because the truth is ...

You've been lied to about how to create success. You've been led to believe there's only one way to build your business and if you don't follow the ancient systems of the 1950s and 60s, that you can't succeed. Well, I'm here to tell you, that's just not true.

Perhaps you've been told to make a list of your closest 100 family members and friends and you're struggling to make sales and recruit people using that method. If so, don't worry, I was there not all that long ago.

In the next few minutes, I'm going to reveal to you a simple 3-Step Formula that, once I discovered and started implementing it in my business, it took me from a Network Marketing Loser who had failed in 3 different companies to a multiple 6-figure income within 18 months.

Tyson-511-b-278x300My name is Tyson Zahner.

I'm an attraction marketing and internet marketing specialist who has taught thousands of students just like you how to build their home business using the power and automation of the internet.

However, my story wasn't always so rosy.  In fact ...

I Failed in Network Marketing for 15 Years!

You see, I was introduced to Network Marketing back in 1997.  Like most people, I had no idea what I was doing, so I trusted the advice of my upline and I did as I was told.

Activities such as ...

  • Making a list of everyone I knew
  • Inviting them to Home Meetings
  • Cold Calling Strangers
  • Drawing Circles on Napkins at Lunch Meetings
  • Using the 3-Foot Rule to Recruit Everyone I Met
  • And Facing a Ton of Rejection ...

Since none of this was working, I figured there must be something wrong with the company or the compensation plan or my upline ...

So jumped from company to company to company, always looking for some solution outside of myself.

After a While, My Friends and Family Were
Running the Other Way and Avoiding My Calls ...

In fact, some people even said, "Oh, you're in another one of those things ... How long is this one going to Last?"

It wasn't until I finally realized that the company wasn't the problem.  It wasn't a faulty compensation plan or an unsupportive upline that was to blame ....

It was the strategies I was using to try and build my business.  That was the common denominator in each and every one of my failures.

That's when I finally realized something that changed my life and my business forever ...

If You're Using Strategies That Don't Fit
Your Personality, You'll Struggle Forever!

I had been told to do home parties and lunch meetings and talk to everyone I knew, but the problem was that none of these strategies really fit with my personality.  I didn't enjoy them.  I wasn't good at them.  And I certainly didn't have any success using these strategies.

Sure they might have worked for my upline or other people on my team, but they weren't working for me.  At this point, I was so frustrated and totally discouraged.  I had to find another way or quit!  I simply couldn't stand any more rejection.

So I went searching the internet to see if anyone else was building their business using alternative strategies (my upline was none too supportive of my breaking away from "the proven system", but I was at my wit's end).

Luckily, I stumbled across a little website that opened my eyes to a totally different way of looking at my business.

I will never forget that night.  Sitting at my computer, desperately searching for anything I could find that would help me to build my business.

I read about a guy who was literally recruiting thousands of people into his business using attraction marketing strategies on the internet.

To say I was skeptical would be an understatement ... I mean could this really be true?

Thousands of Targeted Prospects Reaching Out to YOU

Could this really be possible?  Instead of chasing and bothering people, could I really have highly targeted prospects reaching out to me?

Was it really possible that I could become the hunted instead of the hunter?

Of course I had my doubts, but I had to check into it further and get ALL THE FACTS before dismissing it as a bunch of hype.

And boy am I glad I kept an open mind!

Less than 12 months after that life-changing night,
I had recruited over 1,000 people into my business.

And Here's the 3-Step Formula I Used!


DO NOT Read Any Further Unless You're 100% Serious About Your Business

Ok ... I'm assuming since you're still reading, that you are serious about doing what it takes to create success in your business.

Here's My 3-Step Formula For Success!

01Target the Right Audience

The reason upline trainers tell you to contact family members and friends is because it's easy.  It takes no skill to pick up the phone and call your Aunt Betty.

Anybody can do it so it's the quickest way to get any new person into action before their fire dies.

The problem is that Aunt Betty is NOT a targeted prospect for your product or opportunity. She's not actively looking for what it is that you're selling.  So in order for you to get Betty to buy, you have to turn into the pushy salesperson and convince Betty why she should join your business or buy your product.

You're probably not comfortable in that role and Aunt Betty certainly isn't comfortable being "sold".

On the other hand, when you target an audience of people who are already looking for what you have to offer, selling is a thousand times easier.

In my business, I've primarily focused on targeting people who either have a history of buying what I'm selling or they're actively looking for it right now.

This has made a world of difference!

So for instance, if I'm selling weight loss products, I'm going to target people who either have a history of buying weight loss products in the past or people who are actively looking for weight loss products right now.

Similarly, if I'm trying to recruit someone into a business opportunity, I'm going to target people who have a history of getting involved in business opportunities in the past (i.e. - other entrepreneurs) or people who are actively looking to get involved in a business opportunity right now.

Makes sense, right? (and the internet has made it easier than ever to find these people)

02Cultivate a Relationship

Make no mistake, business is ALL about relationships.  People buy from others that they know, like and trust.  This is 100% True.

Unfortunately, I was told (and mistakenly believed), that the internet is impersonal and you can't build relationships on it, so it will never work for you to build a home business online.

This is Absolutely False!

Not only can you build relationships on the internet, you can do it in a much more leveraged and automated way than has ever been available before.

For example, you can create re-useable resources like videos and blogs and social media posts and automated emails that work for you even while you're sleeping.  You can communicate with thousands of people at once by sending traffic to a web page or an online presentation.

And even if you're "technology challenged", that doesn't matter.  Here's the good news.  Your success is not determined by how well you use technology.  It's determined by how well you can build relationships (believe it or not, the technology is easier today than it has ever been before).

"So how do you build relationships with total strangers online?", you ask ...

Well here's the secret that changed my business ...  Are you ready for it?

You have to GIVE without want before you can have.

So while most of my competitors are out there trying to sell, sell, SELL and spam social media with posts about how great their product or opportunity is, I leave them all in the dust by giving value first.

Perhaps you're wondering what kind of value I'm talking about.

Well, ask yourself this question ... why are most people browsing the internet?

I'll give you a hint ... It's not because they want to be sold something.  Usually, they're looking for one of 2 things (or both) .... Information or Entertainment.

If you can give them one of those 2 things before you ask for a sale, you WILL find people who want to do business with you and chase you down in order to do so.

03Convert into Leads & Sales

After you've cultivated the relationship, all that's left to do now is convert your new followers into leads and sales.

And if you did a good job with step 2, you don't even have to be a good salesperson or "closer" to get this done.

And on top of that, the internet has made the conversion process incredibly leveraged and automated with systems, and tools and processes that can all work in the background while you sleep or hang out with loved ones or even go on vacation.

Virgin_Islands_Family_PictureIn fact, I'll never forget the vacation I took with my family to the Virgin Islands where I made more money recruiting reps and making sales during the week of that vacation (all on autopilot) than I actually spent on the trip itself.

This is the POWER of Attraction Marketing.

And you're about to discover how to get your hands on my step-by-step system.

But first, I need to tell you about a common problem I see among network marketers and affiliate marketers and other people who are trying to build a home business by peddling other people's products.

This is the #1 Most Common Mistake Among
Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers

Lean in and listen closely ... Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers make all kinds of mistakes (believe me, I know ... I've made them myself).

But the biggest problem of all is probably this one:

Believing Their Product or Opportunity Is Their Business

All the time, people ask me, "Tyson, I'm sending people to my company website but I'm not getting any leads or sales ... Why?"

The answer is simple.  These people mistakenly believe that having a good product or opportunity is all they need in order to build a successful business.

But it's not enough.  Do you know why?  Because you have thousands of other representatives out there who are promoting the exact same product or opportunity as you are.

Here's the question you have to ask yourself:

"Why should someone buy from YOU instead of the thousands of other distributors with the exact same product or opportunity?"

The answer to this question is simple.  Because of the value that you provide and the relationship that you've created (this is why upline trainers tell you to go to your warm market first ... because you already have a relationship with them).

So if your product/company is NOT your business, then what is?

Your Business is Your Audience!

More specifically, your business is the relationship you have with an audience.

You see, once you have a targeted audience of people who know, like and trust you, you can sell them anything that falls within the interests of that group.  It may be your network marketing product/opportunity, it may be something else.

There is no distributor (no matter how good they are) who will close 100% of the people 100% of the time.  Some people simply will not be interested in your main product/service/opportunity.

So when you focus only on selling that ONE thing, you are greatly limiting your earning potential.

official-apple-logo-png Think of it like this, at one time, Apple was just a computer company.  That was their one and only product ... computers.  They defined themselves as a computer company and they were struggling to keep up with Microsoft.

As soon as Apple redefined themselves not just as "a computer company" but rather a company who serves a specific audience (creative minds who believe in challenging the status quo) ... and they started offering multiple products that might interest that audience, everything changed.

You see, even if you were a devoted Windows user, now Apple could still profit from you by selling you other products such as mp3 players and phones and music and so forth.

Once I Finally Understood and Adopted This
Business Model, Everything Changed!

Tyson-Zahner-speaking-on-stage-to-aspiring-MLM-top-earnersNot only did I start recruiting like crazy, I also made money from the people who said, "No" to my primary offer.

Within 18 months, I had earned multiple 6-figures.  I was being recognized by industry leaders.  I was being asked to speak on stage and share my success with other entrepreneurs just like you.

And I believe you can achieve these results even faster than I did ... because, you see, I didn't have the advantage of receiving the roadmap that you're about to be offered.

I had to figure this attraction marketing thing out the hard way ... with a lot of trial and error and a lot of falling on my face.

You can certainly choose to take that same path and figure it out on your own with the knowledge I've given you so far on this page ...

... or you can bypass all of the pitfalls and discover my exact business blueprint.  Do you prefer this option over trying to figure it all out on your own?  You do?  Then you'll want to get access to my roadmap for success, The Attraction Marketing Bundle ...

What is The Attraction Marketing Bundle?

The Attraction Marketing Bundle is a home study course that includes two of my most popular programs teaching you how to attract your perfect customer, generate leads online and crush your competition.

The Ultimate Lead Generation Formula

The Ultimate Lead Generation Formula is a step-by-step blueprint that shows you exactly how to build automated systems to capture leads online even if you're brand new and have zero previous technical experience.

The Affiliate Profit Formula

The Affiliate Profit Formula is designed to help you sell products online and crush your competition even if there are thousands of other people selling the exact same product/opportunity as you.

When you login for the first time (maybe just 5 or 10 minutes from now), you'll discover all of my best strategies and formulas for attracting and capturing leads online and crushing it in your home business.  Things like ...

The Competition Crusher

One of the most challenging things about promoting network marketing products and affiliate products is that you have thousands of other distributors who are trying to promote the exact some thing as you.  With the competition crusher, you'll discover the exact secrets I used to become the number one income earner so that you too, can leave your competition in the dust!

The Magnetic Follow-Up Formula

It's true, the Fortune is in the Follow-Up.  The problem is that when you keep coming back to the same person over and over again, you can start to come across as pushy and annoying.  This is why I came up with the Magnetic Follow-Up strategy.  It's a proven way for you to keep putting your offer in front of your prospect without looking pushy or annoying.  In fact, this strategy makes your prospect WANT to hear from you over and over again.

The 10x Profit Maximizer

I'm going to give you 10 Killer Ways to Maximize Your Sales Online.  Most people aren't doing a single one of these things.  If you implement all 10, you will be unstoppable!

The "Get-Unstuck" Analyzer

Let's face it, the path to success as an entrepreneur is never a straight line.  You will encounter road blocks and challenges and nay-sayers along the way.  Every one of these pitfalls create doubt in the mind of the entrepreneur.  The "Get-Unstuck" analyzer is a tool that you will reference over and over again when you can't figure out why you're not getting the results you want.  The 10 questions I show you to ask yourself in this module will give you clarity and put you back on track every single time.

The Magic Content Formula

Creating content online can seem like a daunting task.  The truth is it couldn't be easier when you know the right formula.  My Magic Content Formula will provide the template for you to generate leads and sales practically every time you post anything online from this point forward.

The Audience Selection Blueprint

Successful attraction marketing ALWAYS begins with choosing the right audience.  If you select the wrong audience, nothing else will work.  The audience selection blueprint will walk you step-by-step through the process of figuring out who you should target.

The Audience Finder Trick

Once you select a perfectly targeted audience, you have to know where to find them.  The audience finder trick will help you to determine exactly where your perfect customers are at so you know where to go to put your message in front of the right people.

The Idea Factory

One of the biggest questions I get from people is, "Tyson, what do I talk about to start attracting people to me?"  Once you get your hands on The Idea Factory, I guarantee you that you will NEVER run out of ideas again and you will always know what to say so that your prospects think you're actually reading their minds.

The Lead Magnet Creation Formula

A Lead Magnet is nothing more than a small free offer that you give away in exchange for someone's contact information.  But what constitutes a good giveaway?  What kind of lead magnet should you use to attract your target audience?  The Lead Magnet Creation Formula will give you plenty of ideas along with the fast and easy way to create your own lead magnet so you can start generating leads online right away.

The Headline Factory

You have about 3 seconds to grab someone's attention on the internet before they're off to someone else's message.  If you want to successfully grab your prospects' attention and suck them in so they want to know more, you MUST know how to write a good headline.  I'm going to give you Ten Headline Templates that work like magic so you will always know how to grab your prospects' attention.

Page Design Templates That Convert

You don't have to be a web designer or an HTML coder to create compelling pages.  But you do need to know what page designs are best at converting visitors into leads.  The good news is that when it comes to lead capture pages, simple is almost always more effective.  And I'm going to show you the highest converting simple pages that I use in my business so you can start generating leads online right away.

Technical Walk-Through (Made Simple)

This is probably the biggest hang-up for most people who want to build an online business.  I hear it all the time ... "What if I'm not technical?  Will this work for me?"  The answer is a resounding YES.  There are tools and resources available to you today that have made the technology super easy to conquer.  And you're going to look over my shoulder step-by-step as I show you EXACTLY how to build capture pages and how to set-up and incorporate your very own e-mail autoresponder.  You'll be amazed at how easy the technology really is.

As you can see, I'm not holding anything back.  I'm giving you everything I've learned over the past few years of building a following, capturing leads on auto-pilot and becoming a top income earner using attraction marketing.

Will this information work for YOU and YOUR Business?
Absolutely.  Check out what my other students have to say!

What People Are Saying About Tyson Zahner's Training ...

Here are what a few of my students are saying about my training ...

Are these folks any different than you?  Not at all.  They simply put their doubts aside and decided to put my training to the test.

Was it worth it?  Well, you be the judge of that.

I am passionately committed to pulling back the curtains on my business and showing you exactly how to create success.

Implement what I teach and you will get results.  How big of results will you get?  (it all depends on how hungry you are for success and how aggressively you implement my strategies and techniques).  Honestly, I hope you surpass me and I look forward to hearing your testimonial when you do.

So How Much do You Think The
Attraction Marketing Bundle Will Cost?

Well, just to give you some perspective ... I spent almost $5,000 on my first online marketing course and it was no where as clear and concise as what you're getting access to today.

In fact, in my first year online, I spent almost $20,000 on education products and training trying to figure out some of the secrets that you're going to discover inside of the Attraction Marketing Bundle.

And I'll be honest, I fell on my face a lot because no one ever really laid it out straight the way I'm giving it to you.

You can benefit from my struggles because I've already learned what NOT to do (and I paid a hefty price to attend that school of hard knocks).

Before I tell you how much The Attraction Marketing Bundle costs, let's review the value of what's included ...

The Competition Crusher ($297 Value)

The Magnetic Follow-Up Formula ($197 Value)

The 10x Profit Maximizer ($397 Value)

The "Get-Unstuck" Analyzer ($197 Value)

The Magic Content Formula ($77 Value)

The Audience Selection Blueprint ($297 Value)

The Audience Finder Trick ($147 Value)

The Idea Factory ($497 Value)

The Lead Magnet Creation Formula ($297 Value)

The Headline Factory ($147 Value)

Page Design Templates That Convert ($97 Value)

Technical Walk-Through Made-Simple ($397 Value)

That's a Value of $3,044

Now I considered charging $997 for the Attraction Marketing Bundle and I think that would be a fair price given the specialized knowledge I'm teaching and its potential to supercharge your business.

But I don't want to make this a financial hardship for you.

Not to mention, I get a lot of enjoyment from helping other small business owners like yourself.

So with that in mind,  The Attraction Marketing Bundle will only cost $297.

That's right!  For a limited time, you can Get full instant access to The Attraction Marketing Bundle for just $297.  But the price will be going up soon.  So if you're serious about getting results in your business, take advantage of this limited time offer today.

And if that still feels too steep for you, you can take advantage of my payment plan of three payments of just $117

Make the first payment today and you'll "unlock" full access to The Attraction Marketing Bundle courses (The 2nd and 3rd payments will then be automatically charged 30 and 60 days from now).

Think about it ... for just $297 (or three payments of $117), I'm revealing ALL of the strategies, techniques, tips and tricks that I personally use to generate 30-50 leads per day and make a multiple 6-figure annual income.

*** Price Goes Up by $200 in: ***


Consider this, a basic 3-credit course at a community college (not even a 4-year university) can run you $600-$1000 ... not counting the textbook.  And what does that get you?  Not very much.

The way I see it, $297 is hardly worth thinking about compared to the number of people you will soon be attracting to you in your business ... not to mention the kind of money you could soon be making.

In fact, if you're really thinking like an entrepreneur, The Attraction Marketing Bundle isn't a cost at all ... it's an investment.  It's an investment in your knowledge and your skills and your personal value.  It's an investment that could pay you back 10 times ... 100 times ... or more.

In fact, if you're anything like my star students, you could make back your investment and be in profit within the first 30 days of getting access to The Attraction Marketing Bundle.

Just look at what happened to my student, Ken.

Ken Weatherbee

I wanted to send out a quick shout out to Tyson Zahner.  I submerged myself into Tyson’s training and have been getting great results.  After only 3 weeks, I have not only made my money back, but have made several thousand dollars profit.

Ken Weatherbee

You Can Try The Attraction Marketing Bundle Risk-Free for 30 Days

That's right!  You won't risk a penny to try it out.  I guarantee you’re going to love The Attraction Marketing Bundle. In fact, I’m so convinced of this that you can try it risk-free for 30 days.

Sign up today with either the 1-pay or 3-pay plan. Then take the next 30 days to go through the video training and begin applying it.

If you’re not completely thrilled with your decision, just contact my customer service by Day 30 and we’ll give you a full refund of what you’ve paid up to that point.

Not only am I removing all the risk and putting it squarely on my shoulders where it belongs, I’m also going to sweeten the deal…

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The 90-Day Action Plan ($297 value)

If you want to know how to build your business in just an hour a day and if you want somebody to give you an exact game plan for what you should be doing for the next 90 days in your business to see massive results, this bonus training is going to be just what the doctor ordered.  I'll show you exactly how to build your online business in just 4-5 hours per week.  So even if you're a busy parent or a full-time professional, you can find time to build your business with the 90-day Game plan.

The 3-Part Video Marketing Formula ($97 value)

I love using videos in my marketing because it is the fastest way to build rapport and trust with a total stranger.  This bonus training will reveal my exact 3-part video format that I use when creating video content that generates leads and sales on autopilot.

Lead Generation Systems Demystified ($197 value)

If you've ever considered using a lead generation system (aka attraction marketing system) to help you generate leads in your business, I'm going to show you exactly how they work and how to utilize them to generate leads for your business.  There's a lot of confusion about what lead generation systems actually are and how they should be used.  I'll show you what NOT to do and what to do to get the most use out of any attraction marketing system that you choose (I'll even show you a few that I use and recommend).

SEO Made Easy ($297 value)

Would you like to get your website and your content to the top of the search engine listings? Search Engine Optimization is one of those things that confuses the pants off of most people, but it's really not all that hard to understand.  This bonus lesson will show you exactly how to optimize your content for page 1 search engine listings.

The Keyword Finder Trick ($97 value)

The most important part of getting your website to the top of the search engines is choosing the right keywords.  This bonus lesson will show you exactly what tricks I use to pick the best keywords so that my perfect targeted audience finds me at the moment when they're most in need (i.e. - when they're searching Google for answers)

Recorded Question and Answer Session from Top Marketers and Newbies ($497 value)

You'll have access to the complete recorded question and answer sessions from when we offered these courses to a LIVE audience.  Just about every question you can imagine is covered in these Q&A sessions.  You can use these opportunities to fill in any gaps that might exist in your training.

The 7-Minute Website Setup ($197 value)

If you don't have your own blog or website yet, you're going to LOVE this bonus training.  In just 7 minutes, you're going to follow along with me step-by-step as you look over my shoulder to set up your very own WordPress website with your own custom domain name.

How to Profit From People Who Say "No"
to Your Primary Opportunity
 ($197 value)

Let's face it ... not everyone is going to be interested in your main product or opportunity.  But that doesn't mean you have to leave money on the table.  There is a way to make money off of the people who say "No" to your primary offer.  I'll show you exactly how to maximize your profitability in your business using this formula.

These 8 Bonus Gifts Have a Combined Value of $1,876

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When You Add-Up The Value of the Bonuses with Everything that's inside the Main Course, That's a Total Value of $4,920

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Getting Instant Access to The
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